I. Introduction and Agreement to use the service

Horror World is a service to help you watch, download the video, film directly on the mobile computer over the network of  Metfone.

  • Short – code: 6677
  • Website: horror.com.kh
  • Customer care center: 1777
  • The Horror World sevice is a service that includes videos, the movies are extremely attractive about the horror genre of many countries in the world such as Japan, USA,…. Horror World will give you new emotions of fear, exploration of new lands, scary images, mysterious, scary, mysterious but equally attractive from the service
    On the Internet and mobile telecommunications platforms, customers can view/download video, film of their favorite right on their computer or mobile device. E-commerce Website Comedy.com.kh and other customers participating in E-commerce Website Horror.com.kh agree to commit to comply with the provisions of this Policy.

IIInstructions for us

2.1. Object and Condition of use

Horror World does not limit customers to geographic location, age when viewing content on website. In order to participate in using Horror World services, you only need to meet the following conditions in order to easily use the content posted on Horror.com.kh

  • Subscriber uses GPRS / EDGE / 3G / 4G compatible phones
  • The subscriber is in the coverage area with GPRS / EDGE / 3G / 4G support
  • Subscriber is in coverage with streaming support and Real Player

2.2. Registration instructions via SMS and Use the service

  • Registration instructions via SMS

- Daily Package

+ Syntax : send ON to 6677

+ Rate : 10 Cents/day

- Weekly package

+ Syntax: send ON1 to 6677

+ Rate: 50 Cents/week

- Monthly package

+ Syntax: send ON2 to 6677

+ Rate: 1 $/mont

EX: To register The daily Package

- SMS: send ON to 6677

- Website/Wapsite: Access the Horror.com.kh follow the instructions

  •  Another Syntax

- Get password to log in:  send PW to 6677

- Help: send HELP to 6677

- Cancel: send OFF to 6677.